Cafe Rio Pork
1 pork roast- around 7 pounds 1 can Dr. Pepper 1 cup sugar 1 7oz Adobe Chipolte Chili Pepper (use sauce only, rinse peppers off in Dr. Pepper- save pepper's for later) 1 tsp dry ground mustard 1 tsp cumen 1 tsp minced garlic   Blend all ingredients in blender and pour over pork roast. Cook in crock pot on low for 7-9 hours or until tender. 3 hours before the end, pull the pork apart and remove the bone. Remove juice and separate meat and juice into two.¬†Blend the chili pepper's with the divided juice and mix in with the "hot" pork. Return the rest of the juice to the "regular" pork. Let marinate for 3 hours.

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